CHAPLET IN CHANT: More than a Video!


Greetings, Friends!

Yesterday a good friend told me something very profound. She said her friends would participate in our taping, even if our program, The Chaplet in Chant, were televised only once! She said her friends were coming because of their love for Jesus and His Divine Mercy. It was the unified prayer of so many priests, deacons, seminarians, religious and laypeople from across our diocese, which was most important!

I was very moved by her clear understanding and her succinct explanation. Participating in The Chaplet IS much more making a simple prayer video for television, no matter how worthy that goal may be! I was genuinely humbled by her insight!

I’m sure you all know that it is very important to keep each other in prayer. Please especially remember our Executive Producers, Don Broussard (Foundation of Mary) and Steve Lee (CLTV); CLTV staffers, Elizabeth Brantley and Robert Cassidy; and florist, Lance Hayes, who will be providing greenery free-of-charge to decorate the Cathedral sanctuary.

Please also remember our steering committee members, who represent over 20 Church parishes in our diocese. They are our true “evangelizers,” who are inviting family, friends, and fellow parishioners in order to fill up the Cathedral on Saturday, February 23!

Until next week’s update, many, many thanks!

P.S. In case you need it, here’s our website, which includes a link to the registration page:

Blessings in His Divine Mercy,
Constance F. Anderson, M.Ed
QuickHelp Productions