Sacred Heart of Jesus Church – Parish School of Religion, FINAL PRESENTATION, Prt 1

Revealed to the Merest Children

CHAPTER ONE: God’s Revelation

Presentation Goal: To present ways that God reveals Himself to us, particularly through our families, friends and Sacred Heart Church.

Our Response: To appreciate more fully God’s self-Revelation in creation, in Scripture, in Tradition, and in Jesus, helped by the examples of those we know and love and also through the artwork at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church.

Our Key Words:

SECTION 1: We can know God through His Creation

Key Concepts:

  • Through our gift of reason we conclude that God is our Creator.
  • When we study God’s creation, we learn about God.
  • We need God’s help to get to know Him better.

Quick Check:

  • How can we know God?  (We can know God through His creation.)
  • How does reason help us to know God?  (Reason helps us to know that God is the…

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